My services are based on appointments made in advance by phone or online booking. Veterinary services include pet health care (vaccinations, microchipping, dental care, neutering, puppy and senior health examinations, eye-,  skin-, and ear examinations, ultrasound diagnostics, euthanasia etc.).

Housecall Services

Housecall services are available in Helsinki, Espoo, Kirkkonummi, Siuntio and in other Western Uusimaa if needed.
Procedures done at home are often less stressful for the animal. The trip to the clinic can often be very difficult and stressful for the animal and sometimes impossible to arrange for the owner. Most house calls are for home euthanasia, but also include puppy exams, vaccinations and microchipping etc. While most procedures can be  done in home, I prefer to do surgery and anaesthesiaprocedures at my clinic for safety reasons.

Veterinary Clinic in Haukilahti, Espoo

You can also visit me at the veterinary clinic in Haukilahti. Schedule an appointment. See the clinic’s location here.

Online veterinary service

  1. Book a online visit (WhatsApp) from Choose Online appointment and the service you need. Prices are seen by picking the services.
  2. You will get a bill to your e-mail, send me a payment receipt and I will call/ videocall you via Whatsapp on the time of your chosen appointment.
  3. You will get an epicrisis and all given instructions to you e-mail after the online visit.


Prices available here.